Server Information

RF Warfare v2 The Retaliation

Level Cap: 75

Version: Age of Patron

Mode: Grind/PvP

Server Rates:

EXP: High

Loot: Mid

Animus: High


Skills: GM

Force: GM

Shared Tempo: On

Real Money Trading: On

Daily Quest: On

Weekly Quest: On

MAU Exp: On

Charms: On

Generators: On

Keen Upgrade: Max(+7)

Favor Upgrade: Max(+7)

Others: +6

Server owners and staffs:

  1. Vishnu Ancheta
  • Server Owner / Game Development
  • Skype: Vishnu Ancheta
  • Phone: +63 9173201162
  • Discord: BigPapaVish#4894

  1. Nadz Garcia